3 Cow Ownership per low income farmers (Mukando wemombe)

Project Objective: To reduce child malnutrition and increase incomes of poor farmers.

Country : Zimbabwe

Target Group : Low income farmers

Eligibility criteria : Beneficiaries must not already own a cow, must have constructed a cow shed, have at least 2–10 hectares of land , be considered poor and an (person of integrity) by the community and have no other source of income. Beneficiaries who do not have enough land individually may join/Mukando with others in the community to build a common cow shed (danga) for their cows. Priority is given to female-headed households.

Type of benefits: Cheap cows 25RTGS/Kg

Benefit delivery mechanism : The cows distributed via this programme are purchased locally and organised by umojalands team

Coverage : The target coverage is 350,000 families by 2022

Contact Project Manager: Tafadzwa Gavi




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