Technology has allowed young farmers to connect with underutilized land using smartphone. 


Umojalands is a platform Which connects underutilized land with potential farmers or next generation. It is the next great phase of technology in Agriculture sector.

We're committed to a better world in Agriculture, a world in which :

-young generation of farmers can easily access land for cheap rental on their mobile phones at any given time

-Agriculture increases economic prosperity for all families and their communities

-Farms are more sustainable, with plants that are more adoptive and resilient

-Small holder farmers participating in the uptown market through market access

Working together, we can make agriculture part of the solution. We have the opportunity and the responsibility to grasp this moment and help move young or next generation farmers forward by tirelessly shaping what's possible.

Our responsibilities

As a new leader in digitizing agriculture, we understand the significance of living up to our responsibilities to young or next generation farmers, consumers and the environment.

As we strive to deliver the best solution in Agriculture, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in our interaction with farmers, media, policy makers, NGO and consumers who want to know more about our business

- we collaborate with others to find better solutions to address challenges facing young farmers.

-we set high standards to measure ourselves and outbox partners

-we serve underutilized land of all sizes around Zimbabwe and make our innovation as accessible as possible.

-we create programs such as 3 cow ownership program to help the next generation.

-we are committed to transparency and dialog.

As a leader, umojalands is fully committed to upholding the highest ethical and responsibility standards, strengthening access to underutilized land and further reducing its food insecurity footprint

Our Commitment

We are committed to improving lives through farming system that is better for young farmers, consumers and the planet

The best from umojalands

You can now connect underutilized land at any given ven time, anywhere in the world with umojalands

#Digitizing Agriculture in Zimbabwe

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