Umojalands--connecting underutilized land with potential farmers or next generation, 

After my graduation, wanted to do fish farming business, guess what stopped me

1. Land to do the right project

2. Capital to build fishpond and borehole etc

3. Human capital

4. Market Availability

5. Farmer mobility

From the above limitation, I started to argue myself like how many people are facing the same problem as mine in Zimbabwe, the answer is many of us (The next millionaire's will be farmers in 2030)

How did umojalands solved the above 3 problems:

1. Land Listing- umojalands is a platform Which connects underutilized land with farmers, umojalands team spend their time looking for plots which are underutilized, feed the information on our mobile application.

2. Umojalands will not connect farmers at random, the farmer will search his land preferences using mobile phone or laptop, if the farmer wants to do fish farming, he is able to search fish farming plots, the plot will show available resources which will reduce the cost of starting your project.

3. Umojalands is registering individuals with experience in Agriculture to increase yield.

4. Umojalands offers B2B, B2C marketplace for emerging farmers (E-commerce)

5. Umojalands understands the mobility of farmers due to economic situation, we created task management to help farmers with project audit. Farmers can upload their project milestone and we consider it for audit


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