Umojalands Launch Farming Together Program (FTP)

Updated: Jun 26


The Farming Together is a 7 year program which was initiated to encourage the formation of farmer groups including formal collaborative business models (such as co-operatives), informal collaborations and bargaining groups.

Farming together is designed by Umojalandsfor farmers, from the ground up. Umojalands spend time developing collaborative concepts, Project Formation, Budget formation with guidance from relevant specialist external consultants. Groups can progress their concepts to a point where they can compete for project funding.

The farming together program provides farmers with access to collateral free finance by connecting them to investor network through crowd funding farming, Cooperative funding and round financing.

Why Zimbabwean farmers need farming together

Agricultural policy in Zimbabwe is increasingly focused on Subsistence Agriculture. Subsistence Agriculture has led to creation of models being executed which benefits only the land owner and his/her family. Nevertheless in Zimbabwe we have recorded above 80% unemployment rate which means youth are now shifting to Agriprenuers, turning farming into business as a way to employ them. High unemployment rate, Capital/Equipment constraints, Land Access and Climate change see many farmers become less active into farming, leading to an increase in underutilised land. Plus, smaller farmers can be disadvantaged by their lack of market bargaining power.

Farmers need to utilise the land in an effective and efficient way, but they also need ways to become less vulnerable to farming imbalances, Capital and resource requirements pressures and other conditions. When this need was identified, Umojalands committed to develop a collaboration program, crowdfunding farming, agriculture partnerships initiatives, land listing to tackle these challenges and provide a fairer go for farm businesses.

The result:

Farming together helps Zimbabwean farmers understand how collaboration, co-operatives and supply-chain negotiations can improve their returns. It is helping farmers improve their farmgate returns by capitalising on opportunities, Maximum land utilisation, strengthening their financial position, becoming more attractive to investors, improving their bargaining power and operating beyond the farm gate. The program is providing the bestpossible knowledge, land listing with resources and information, plus customised support for farmers, farmer groups, advisers and agencies.

What Farming Together Brings?

a) Help in cooperative registration, group formation

b) List land with resource for leasing

c) Facilitate in outsourcing funding, crowd funding solution, round financing and farming advise

d) Facilitate Crop insurance

e) Implementing crop bidding on an online platform which increase the number f buyers through many buying option

f) Farming Together provide a local business consultant to assess the feasibility of their business plan. Financial models supported further investigation and support.

g) Develop collaborative business systems and process and marketing gaps as priority areas

Objectives by 2027

Qa) Help to register 150 cooperative with 2000+ farmers across Zimbabwe

b) Reach 200 farmers with underutilised land c) Help 150 cooperative in outsourcing funding through crowd funding

d) Initiate 150 different projects

e) Create a pool of 80 specialist advisers

f) Initiate resource empowerment

g) Ensure maximum utilization of Agriculture Land

Farming together program will work with the following groups

a) Chicken Meat farmers

b) Horticulture farming

c) Fish farming

d) Flower Farming

e) Goat Farming

f) Sheep Farming

Under the farming Together concept, land owners will now be considering to practise agriculture as business , a concept also known as farming Together for them to benefit on crowdfunding farming, skill and knowledge transfer, cooperative farming, maximum land utilization etc Farming Together is a concept that is aimed at reshaping agriculture by adopting financial techniques and involves the utilisation of land and applying the correct Agribusiness practices for higher returns.


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