eID 12M67218H5907

eID 12M67218H5907

Farmer Identity
electronic Identification (eID) : 12M67218H5907 (For financial Institutions use only) 

Plot information 

Plot name:  Hwendedzo plot of Stan more Farm
Location: https://maps.google.com/?cid=13258589484199128347
Total ha: 41ha
Arable ha : 23ha
Documentation : 99 year lease 

Soil Analysis 
Soil type: clay and loam soil 
Soil temp: 32 degrees Celsius 
Soil moisture : 57% varies 
pH level : 6.2

Suitable Crops 

Infrastructure information 
10 roomed farm house 
2*4 roomed workers house 
Fowl run capacity 10 000 birds
5000m polypipes 
60m deep Borehole with surb pumps 
Mealie machine 
Solar panels for irrigation 

Current Project 
8000 talipa fish farming 
2ha Horticulture under irrigation (carrot) 
18ha maize farming 

Previous ha utilised 
Maize farming 22ha
Horticulture 3ha 

Previous yield harvested 
30tonnes maize 
3tonnes tomatoes 
1tonne beetroot 
15000 cabbages 
7000 chickens

Historical sales 
Supply of tomatoes to Masvingo poly
Supply of chickens to chitima marketplace masvingo
Supply of maize to GMB

Number of workers 
5 workers (3 male and 2 females) 

Plot region 
Region 5

Nearest banks and microfinance 
Masvingo CBD (Zb bank, CBZ, Kci) 

Livestock identity 
8 Brahman 
8 cross bread 
2 Hertford 
Number of cattle as a security 18
Market valuation $ 12 600 usd

Financial Need 
Construction of another 3*fish ponds
Cost associated $4200usd including feeds 

Current fish project status
Market available under off take agreement with Aquaculture (PVT) Ltd 
Offtake price at $2/kg 
Project time-line 6 months 


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