Melfort 30ha

Melfort 30ha

Ruwa Plot

Hactare: 30ha available
Lease term: 5 year Lease(renewable)
Price : $Usd120 per hactare per year

Resources available 
1* boreholes 
5k fowl run house 
Power Supply: 

Accessibility: the plot can easily be accessed using all mode of transport, with high adequate entry and exit for all equipment in every season and time

AG SUPPORT SERVICES: hardware stores, feed suppliers, equipment hire can be easily accessed in Ruwa shopping point (15km)

CELL PHONE RECEPTION: good cellphone reception especially for econet users and netone

LAND ORIENTATION: applicable when doing field visit and consulting, however farm Seeker don't forget to consider quantity of sun available in all areas of the land that will be used, wind direction, soil texture and soil temp

MICROCLIMATES: no wet areas 

NEIGHBOR RELATIONS: there are 2 existing farmers acquaring 250ha, less noise, pollution or anesthetics 

TOPOGRAPHY: The land is flat enough to be tiled or for equipment to be safely operated, NB this is not so important if grazing livestock


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