Black Soldier Fly Farming

Sustainable Protein for Livestock

We harness the power of insects to convert organic waste into valuable proteins.

UmojaInsects addresses the need for an environmentally friendly and resource efficient economy focusing on organic residue in a more sustainable, efficient and integrated manner.

Our Mission

Fostering the development of high quality animal protein derived from black soldier fly larvae for chicken, fish and pigs in our communities.

Primary Goal

The primary goal, therefore, is to process biowaste in an efficient way with regard to investment and operational costs, as well as space requirements. By processing biowaste, threats to public health and the environment can be reduced.


  • Insects derived protein and liquid source can be sustainable, alternative ingredients for the feed industry. Not only insects are easy to grow, reproduce readily and can thrive on a variety of feedstock inputs, but commercial production of insects requires much less energy, less agriculture land and lower environmental footprint than the production of common feed crops.

  • The following benefits was a result from a study contacted at North Carolina state University to specifically determine the impact of supplemental black soldier fly larvae oil at various inclusion levels on growth performance and serological and haematological indices in nursery pigs.

  • The supplement of black soldier fly larvae oil increase pig body weight and average daily gain, resulting in an advantage of 1.3lbs of extra body weight in pigs fed with 6% BSFLO(Eric Van Heugten, 2019) Department of Animal science

  • BSFL contains cholesterol, directly contributing to increased serum concentration

Based on the study above, we conclude that BSFL oil is a promising, high energy feed ingredient that can be successfully fed to nursery pigs while improving their growth performance.



Due to increase in demand of chicken, pig and fish  in Zimbabwe, has caused animal feeds to sharply increase in prices thereby increasing cost of production which later erodes income for farmers and leave 80% of farmers with no project to depend on. BSFL feed is the key performer to our current situation.

  • BSFL improve chick weight gain and boost production of immune system elements

  • Improve survival against Salmonella Gallinarum, S Gallinarum is a bacteria causes fowl typhoid, a diseases which can result in anaemia, hepatosplenomegaly

  • Provide high value feed stuff because they are rich in protein (40 to 44%) with better amino acids profile compared to soya bean meal.

  • They are rich in lysine (6 to 8% of crude protein, Ca (5 to 8% DM Dry matter). BSFL are also rich in fat which has extreme quantitative (15 to 49%) and qualitative variability depending on the chemical compositions of their rearing substrates.


Insects, specifically the Black Soldier Fly (BSF), represent a natural food waste conversion engine and can cheaply and efficiently transform organic waste into complex proteins and fats in their bodies. BSFL can reduce food waste volume by up to 95% over a rapid two weeks growing cycle and they are found throughout the world, so a potentially global solution.

As the insect larvae eat the waste, they efficiently synthesise and concentrate the low value biomass into much more chemically complex and valuable compounds such as proteins and fat an ideal cheap feed source for poultry, pig and fish farming

Therefore, insects that can be fed on waste and with a resulting tiny carbon footprint, represent a massive opportunity for an animal feed industry that is desperate for new sources of high quality, sustainable feed alternatives.


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