Smart Farming System

UmojaTech is the leading IoT based crop-field monitoring and automated irrigation system in Zimbabwe which we identify it as Smart Farming System. Umojalands has partnered with its team and invested in crop-field monitoring system to ensure Smart Agriculture in Africa.Our Company provides high quality Smart farming System to support intelligent decision making that can solve some of Africa’s biggest water challenges. Our Smart Farming System has had an expansive social impact across the African continent. Through our advanced analytics, governments and private sector clients are able to make informed decisions that improve crop production, water resource management, protect local environments, and even save lives.


Crop-Field Monitoring System

October 1, 2020

Umojalands Team has developed a system to monitor crop-field using sensors (soil moisture, temperature, humidity, Light intensity) and automate the irrigation system. The data from sensors are sent to web server database using wireless transmission. The irrigation is automated if the moisture and temperature of the field falls below the brink. In greenhouses light intensity control can also be automated in addition to irrigation. The notifications are sent to farmers' mobile periodically. The farmers' can able to monitor the field conditions from anywhere. This system will be more useful in areas where water is in scarce. This system is 92% more efficient than the conventional approach.


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